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  Anaglyph    Anaglyph is a collection of reflective surfaces that play with the physical properties of light to create layered, stereographic imagery. Anaglyph functions as an analogue filter, distorting the subject through manipulation of wavelengths rather than digital information.   This series is comprised of mirrors and reflective surfaces that cast spectral colours, creating shifting patterns that blur the line between subject and object, viewer and environment, and physics and visual perception.   Materials: Optical Glass, ebonized wood, blackened steel.   Photographer: Devin Lund Production: Inkblot Media / Sarah Keenlyside Editing: Crook Studios  Model: Zain Burgess
 Sectum Spectra, 2016.  Shot by Devin Lund
 Parabola II  Photo: Devin Lund   
  Diffusion Series   Diffusion comprises a series of objects which build and construct with layers of light, creating analog holograms. The layered surface extrudes and suspends light, giving it a sense of volume and dimension.   Materials: Acrylic, Optical glass, steel frame   
  Light   Experiments in refraction.  Materials: Acrylic prisms, paper, glass, artificial and natural light      
 Flujo  River Rock